Buddy Bench


Thank you for your support! We have raised $1,520 for the buddy bench. The bench finally arrived in September and will be installed on the playground soon. After ordering the bench, we have $734 leftover.

Once the bench is installed, we will be donating the remaining funds to Project Hope Road to purchase diverse books for elementary schools in Hamden.

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone the dedication ceremony due to COVID. Details on the dedication ceremony will be posted here when available.

West Woods School’s former third grade teacher, Carole Barone, passed away on Friday, November 8th. Carole was a warm and patient teacher who was dedicated to the children of our community. She was a positive figure in our school and an inspiration to her peers. Our current 5th and 6th grade students were the last to appreciate Mrs. Barone’s wide smile and huge heart. She impressed on everyone the importance of being happy and kind.

She will be missed.

With your help, we would like to dedicate a bench in Mrs. Barone’s memory. Her positive outlook and emphasis on kindness supports the idea of a “Buddy Bench”. Mrs. Barone’s Buddy Bench will be placed adjacent to the playground and serve as a location for students to gather and seek out new or different playmates.

Thank you in advance for your support!